• Regulatory challenge

    Time spent in preparation is seldom wasted. Effective anticipatory action before a visit from the regulator can save months of strife. Communications with FCA are seldom without some additional obligation. Your response will determine FCA’s action.

  • Expert witness

    When a case turns on regulatory questions, the parties’ expert witnesses will advise the Court. Soundly based views save time, cost and strife. In-depth expertise and experience of regulation are essential attributes for the expert witness.

  • Business change

    Every business change has regulatory implications. Getting it right first time is the only realistic aim. That requires adequate resources to deal effectively with the regulatory angle of any new venture. Good resources deliver good outcomes.

  • Regulatory change

    We live in a changing world and few aspects of life change as much as regulation. Unwelcome as regulatory change might be, a proper understanding of the implications inspires confidence and competitive spirit.

  • Key man

    Every team has its leader without whom it lacks direction and purpose. Leaders are in strong demand and no one is immune from the loss of key personnel, whether for commercial, health or personal reasons. Gaps, however brief, create vulnerability.

  • Key project

    Lack of resource is the most common cause of project failure and delay. Business growth is constrained by the want of the right people with the right availability. Don't let the business lose out.